Consumer Software Health
    Linkedin Michael Deng
    The problem is that often emergency services are very slow and can get overwhelmed at times. The solution to this is to have Uber drivers carry emergency aid kits in their vehic... See more

    Consumer Software Mobile
    Linkedin Michael Deng
    Often I have important phone conversations and I don't remember its contents. My idea is a passively-running mobile app that spins up when you initiate or receive a phone call a... See more

    Consumer Software Games Mobile
    Linkedin Michael Deng
    Some kind of game that donates a certain amount of money to a social cause everyone time you reach a milestone in the game. In-game ads will pay for the donations. You know how ... See more

    Consumer Software
    Linkedin Michael Deng
    Early entrepreneurs face the problem of how to get feedback on their initial ideas and prototypes. This platform will allow the crowd to provide early-stage feedback to help ent... See more