Subscription-based food delivery
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Lydiachen Lydia Chen

This idea is kind of like Soylent, but instead of boxes of bottles, you get full-fledged healthy meals delivered to you a couple times a week or a couple times a month, depending on your initial order configurations. As a college student, it's often very hard to set aside time to make food. Furthermore, restaurants near campus are always unhealthy and fairly expensive. A healthy and affordable subscription service would go a long way to make my life better.

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Rachelstewart Rachel Stewart posted over 4 years ago.
I really like this idea! As classes are getting harder and my free time is getting shorter, a service like this would be a godsend! I usually use things like Postmates and Doordash for my food needs, but they are pretty expensive. If you can make this service easy-to-use (subscribe and forget) and affordable, it would definitely have a lot of customers!