Mobile-first crowdsourced content platform
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Parkerleonard Parker Leonard

It's very hard to use platforms like Reddit effectively on the go. A mobile-centric platform that allows everyone to share news, interesting articles, or anything at all would be amazing. This platform be very easy to browse on the go, taking advantage of swiping dynamics and making sure that the smaller screen size doesn't impact readability at all.

Here are some features of the platform I envision:

  • A home page with the hottest and most recent posts as well as a search bar.
  • A menu button that brings up a full-screen menu with a list of categories. If there are too many categories, choosing a category may bring you to a sub-menu with additional categories that are more specific.
  • The home page of each category will be pretty similar to Reddit in that you can choose to see the hottest posts, the newest posts, the top posts, but the difference is that the UI will be much better than Reddit.

Let me know what you think!

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